Prenatal Yoga - Pregnancy Fitness

Your personal yoga trainer and companion to learn yoga exercises in every trimester.


Design your own daily yoga routine and set everyday reminder for your daily Yoga session.


First Trimester

Parental yoga workout program is tailored for each trimester of pregnancy.


Every yoga pose is detailed with video, performing instructions, benefits and precautions.


Second Trimester

Prenatal yoga poses are suggested by experienced yoga instructors for each trimester targeting full-body routine workout.


Comprehensive note about the exercises and activities to must avoid during pregnancy.


Third Trimester

Your belly is bigger and more care is needed. Perform very specific yoga in these last three months of pregnancy.


!!!Wishing you a happy parenting!!!


Specific yoga suggestions for common pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, aches, nausea and cramping etc.


​​​​Learn techniques of relaxations and breathing. Cool and soothing melodies help you relax and connect to your baby.


Post pregnancy yoga : Recommended yoga routine to regain fitness and shape after baby birth.

























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